Interview – Elizabeth Coldwell’s character Kieran Vale

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Character Interview Questions – Kieran Vale


Hi MK, and thanks for giving me the opportunity to share an extract from Maestro, my story from the Totally Bound Paramour Valentine’s collection, and let you into a few secrets I managed to coax from its sexy, charming and very dominant hero, Kieran Vale.


It’s not often I get to talk to an absolute superstar, but I’ve been lucky enough to sit down for a one-to-one interview with world renowned tenor – and one of the hottest men to come out of Canada – Kieran Vale


Liz: If I gave you an elephant and asked you to keep it a secret, where would you hide it?

Kieran: OK, I can see the questions are going to be coming out of left field today! Well, I figure I wouldn’t need to hide it, because everyone always ignores the elephant in the room, right?

Liz: Good answer. So, something slightly easier now. What is your favourite colour for socks?

Kieran: Black. You can’t go wrong with plain black socks.

Liz: And boxers or briefs?

Kieran: Comfortable underwear is very important to me, so I go for shorts, the cotton jersey kind. Of course, they don’t always stay on for long.

Liz: Do tell me more.

Kieran: Hey, a guy’s got to keep some secrets, right?

Liz: Of course, but you know I’ll keep trying to find out. Dogs or cats?

Kieran: Because my schedule means I can be in Milan one week and New York the next, pets are out of the question for me. But when I finally settle down in one place, then I’d like to have a dog. And a proper guy’s dog, a chocolate Lab or something I can take for long walks, not one of those yappy little things women like to keep in their purses.

Liz: Apart from Jax, what other famous person would you like to get naughty with?

Kieran: Well, I’ve been linked to some pretty well-known women over the years, from Jennifer Aniston to Taylor Swift. Though who hasn’t been linked to those two, right? But I’ve always looked for someone who’s smart as well as sexy, and who I can have a strong mental connection with. So maybe Angelina Jolie – as long as I could prise her away from Brad for a little while. But right now, Jax is pretty much all I need.

Liz: Would you ever take part in a TV reality show? Which one?

Kieran: Maybe I should be in the next series of Rupaul’s Drag Race – let out a side of me no one’s ever seen before. (laughs) But seriously, if I was forced at gunpoint, because reality TV is just so not me, you guys in England used to have a series called Popstar to Operastar? Mentoring someone, and showing them techniques to get the best out of their voice would be pretty cool.

Liz: Tell us something we don’t know about Jax Wiltshire?

Kieran: Well, apart from the fact she’s one of the most talented costume designers I’ve ever had the pleasure of giving me a fitting, she has a real weakness for cookies and cream ice cream. It’s great fun to feed it to her in bed – but maybe I’ve already said too much…

Liz: Not at all; I’m sure the readers are fascinated by these sexy snippets of information. Apart from ice cream, what will I find if I look in your fridge?

Kieran: Cooked meats, cheese – I’ve spent a lot of time in Milan over the years, and I’ve developed a real weakness for Italian food. Proper antipasti, pasta, and risotto Milanese, that kind of thing. But I’ll always have champagne in the refrigerator, too – because why not?

Liz: What’s your worst quality?

Kieran: I guess I’m too driven at times. I’ve achieved a lot in a short space of time, but I’m always looking for the next challenge, the next project. I need to learn how to relax if I don’t want to burn myself out, but maybe Jax will help me do that.

Liz: What would you say was the best thing before sliced bread?

Kieran: Unsliced bread, I guess – toasted and buttered. Maybe you’re getting the impression I like my food here.

Liz: What’s the naughtiest thing you ever did as a kid?

Kieran: Oh man, now you’re asking! I did a few bad things when I used to go trick or treating – some friends and I once egged a neighbour’s house, but the guy was one of those grumpy old so-and-sos who really hated kids. He totally deserved it.

Liz: Remind me never to get on the bad side of you…

Kieran: Oh, I’m a pussycat, really.

Liz: Final question. What’s on your iPod?

Kieran: I’m really into English rock music, and at the moment I’m listening to a lot of Kasabian. I’m planning to record their song Empire on my next album, which will consist of covers of rock tunes I really love. I’m looking forward to giving my fans the chance to see a different side of me.

Liz: Well, if they read Maestro, they’ll certainly do that! Thanks so much for talking to me, Kieran.

Kieran: It’s been a pleasure, Liz. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go feed my elephant (grins).


Maestro Blurb:

She admires his dominance on stage, but does Jax have the courage to let this gorgeous young opera singer dominate her in the bedroom?

Opera is Jaclyn ‘Jax’ Wiltshire’s great passion, and she loves her job as chief costume designer for the prestigious London Opera Company. However, at forty she’s still single, and she can’t help but envy her best friend Helen’s happy home life with her husband and children.

Jaclyn’s life is turned on its head when world-renowned tenor Kieran Vale arrives at the opera house. The company’s artistic director sees the chance to stage a production he hopes will be talked about for years, with a scene that requires Kieran to strip naked on stage. The handsome, demanding Kieran is very comfortable in his own skin, and when Jax begins to fit him for costumes, she realises what a great body he has, and how attracted she is to him.

Kieran enjoys flirting with her. Their teasing develops into something more intimate as she begins to realise he has a distinctly dominant side. But she can’t really believe that a man eleven years her junior would be seriously interested in her? Kieran makes it clear to Jax he needs a woman who will submit to him. With a fiery leading lady who has the hots for Kieran waiting in the wings, can Jax find the courage to let her guard down and allow this gorgeous Dom to make her his?


Extract from Maestro:

Kieran stood in the middle of the studio floor, trying not to fidget as I made the final adjustments to his armour. At last, I was satisfied. Asking him to put his helmet on, I stood back to admire the finished effect.

“You look amazing,” I said. “Take a look at yourself in the mirror, and let me know what you think.”

“Wow,” he replied at length, having turned a full three-hundred-and-sixty degrees to inspect the costume from every angle. “That’s great. I feel like I could go out and conquer the world, you know?”

“I’m glad you like it,” I said.

The process of fitting Kieran for his armour had been a little less nerve-racking than I’d foreseen. It hadn’t been easy having him standing there in nothing but his underwear while I ran my tape measure around the contours of his arms and chest. Like Marshall had suggested, Kieran was well-built with firm muscles and a sprinkling of sandy hair on his pecs. I’d tried not to notice the sizeable bulge in his black shorts, or to think about what his cock would look like as it slowly uncoiled to its full length.

With our bodies so close together, I’d wondered if he felt the same heat as I did. I’d measured so many men in the past, a couple of whom had been equally as good-looking as Kieran, but I’d never sensed chemistry like this. When I brushed my hand against his thigh as I checked the length of his legs, the flesh beneath my fingertips seemed to prickle with latent energy that waited to be unleashed. I’d had to squash the urge to make a more thorough exploration of that big thigh, and hoped he hadn’t realised just how much I wanted to push him backwards, onto my cutting table, peel down his shorts and suck him till he came.


Elizabeth Coldwell bio:

Elizabeth Coldwell is the author of numerous short stories and novellas and four full-length novels. Her stories have appeared in the best-selling ‘Best Women’s Erotica’ series and Black Lace’s popular ‘Wicked Words’ collections. Formerly the editor of the UK edition of Forum magazine, she also contributed a spicy monthly column, ‘The Cougar Chronicles’, to its pages. When she is not busy writing, she is an avid supporter of Rotherham United Football Club and can be regularly found on the terraces at weekends, cheering her boys to victory (hopefully!).

Elizabeth loves to hear from readers. You can find her contact information, website and author biography at

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